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Thursday, 16 March, 2017

Viscomat II #55 shipped

We recently shipped four Viscomat II units, one unit to Uruguay and three to China. All four systems we sold by  Elof Hansson International regional offices.

The unit in Uruguay will be installed by Elof Hansson and the three units in China will be installed in the next few weeks by personnel from Lagge and Elof Hansson.


Thursday, 5 January, 2017

Version 2.32 of ViscLab released

Version 2.32 of ViscLab, the software for the Viscomat II, has recently been released. This version includes more than 60 additions and improvements. Some highlights are:

  • Chart of Viscosity for data in the Archive. Graph includes lines for ±1 standard deviation and linear regression.
  • New window with a wide range of conversions for a selected sample. Currently available conversions:
    • TAPPI T230: 3 algorithms
    • TAPPI T206: 1 algorithm
    • DP: 3 algorithms
    • Cadoxen: 1 algorithm
    • CED Intrinsic: 1 algorithm
    • 2.5% CuAm: 1 algorithm
    • Custom formula: 1 algorithm
  • Added context menu to Work Data.
  • Menus can be moved from the standard position to the upper right part of the window, in order to reduce the unused space.
  • Target weight is shown when a single row in Work Data is selected and the row has an alarm on Relative Viscosity.
  • Added possibility to show the viscosity values (column: “Visc”) as bold in the Work Data table.
  • Difference between old and new calibration in % added to the Internal Calibration windows.
  • Backup of the Windows Registry settings can be included in the backup made at startup.
Tuesday, 3 January, 2017

Viscomat II is now stainless

With the delivery of the 51:st Viscomat II, the Viscomat cabinet is made of stainless steel. This system was installed at a mill in Sweden in December 2016. Features and benefits of the new design:

  • The new cabinet is made out of polished stainless steel. This makes the system more robust and chemically resistant. Acetone can be used as the final agent for cleaning the viscometer tubes (after water). This is an advantage, as the currently recommended ethanol as a final rinse is not available in all labs due to restrictions.Viscomat II S + TC120-ST12 + Balance
  • All the basic measures on the new design are the same as on the old design, with the exception that the height from the bench to the working area is lower. This improves the working position for the users of the Viscomat system.
  • The protruding edge in the front of the working area is removed.
  • Two LED are mounted on the upper left front of the unit. These LED’s shows the status of the:
    • 5 V input, i.e. the USB input to the electronics in the Viscomat.
    • 12 V input (internal water pump).
  • An electrical switch for the internal water pump (12 V) is located on the rear left of the Viscomat, easily accessible.
  • The bottom of the cabinet is open facing the bottom front of the system. Thus, any water leaks inside the system will result in the leaking water flowing forwards and therefore visible to the user of the system.
Friday, 25 November, 2016

Viscomat II #50 shipped

The 50:th Viscomat II system have recently been shipped from Lagge. The system is destined for a pulp mill in Belarus and has been sold by Elof Hansson in China.

Thursday, 3 November, 2016

New version of ViscLab – 2.31

Version 2.31 of ViscLab, the software for Viscomat II, has now been released.  This version contains a range of smaller improvements and corrections, both to the ViscLab software and the documentation. Windows 10 has been added to the compatibility list and a separate SOP document is included.

Friday, 10 June, 2016

Nominering till Årets Företagare

AnnaCarin Eriksson, VD på Lagge, är en av 13 personer som har nominerats till Årets Företagare i Sundsvall 2016. Se mera i Sundsvalls Tidning här:

Sunday, 29 May, 2016

ViscLab 2.30 released

A new version of ViscLab, the software for the Viscomat II, has been released. The new version, 2.30, has the following changes:

  • Added possibility to lock items in the User interface, such as menu items, buttons, etc. The functionality is accessed from the menu “Tools > Security” and requires a password that is available from Lagge. The default password can be changed to a custom password.
  • Added possibility to increase the font size in the main tables and in the table in the Measure window. The default 8 pt font can be increased up 10 or 12 pts. Go to “Tools > Options > User Interface”.
  • Structured the output from the “Copy to Desktop” function in ViscTools.
  • Several minor improvements and corrections.
Tuesday, 26 April, 2016

ViscLab version 2.29 released

A new version, 2.29.0, of the ViscLab software has been released. The major changes:

  • Added possibility to set alarms for individual Bottle ID’s. This can be used e.g. for having specific limits for a sample point or a reference pulp sample. It can also be used when using 0.5 M CED as control sample.
  • Added possibility to change TAPPI conversion from the default T230 to T206.
Monday, 4 April, 2016

New supplier of water baths

Water bath Grant TC120-ST12

Lagge has selected Grant Instruments Ltd., Cambridge, England, as the new supplier of water baths for the Viscomat II. The baths from Grant are very robust, easy to use and cost efficient.

The standard bath for the Viscomat in environments that does not require a refrigerated bath is the Optima TC120-ST12. This stainless steel bath has a minimal footprint (360 × 335 mm) and still room for at least 8-10 viscosity samples in the 12 L container.

Water bath Grant LT ecocool 100

The standard bath for the Viscomat in environments that do require a refrigerated bath is the new LT ecocool 100. This refrigerated bath is very energy eficcient, silent and has room for 4 viscosity samples.

The baths delivered from Lagge include a raised shelf with holders for 50 mL sample bottles (8 pcs with the TC120-ST12 and 4 pcs with the LT ecocool 100).

The non-refrigerated baths, such as the TC120-ST12, are also delivered with a tap water cooling coil for maintaining 25°C eg. during the warm summer months. As an option we can deliver the Grant Optima C1G immersion cooler for customers where water cooling cannot be used (eg. when the cooling water is warmer than approx. 20°C) .

Tuesday, 15 March, 2016

New Viscomat II to Thailand

Double A purchased their second Viscomat II unit. The system was installed by personnel from our partner Applied Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. in Thailand.