Data collector

In a modern paper mill where hundreds of rolls, pumps, motors etc. has to be monitored it is important to have a reliable and easy to use periodic offline rounding system.Movipack

In order to complete the System Reporter™ product range, we can offer offline measurements via the OneproD MVP data collector from 01dB-Metravib /Areva. This hand held unit contains e.g. 2 vibration channels, 1 trigger input, incorporated temperature measurement, built-in tachometer, measurement point recognition, up to 12800 lines resolution. It’s compact size, low weight (0.9 kg), long battery life, robust design and intuitive user interface makes the offline vibration measurements easy and straightforward.

From the System Reporter™ software, the required offline routes can be designed and uploaded to the MVP unit through USB. After completion of the measurements, the collected data can be downloaded to the PC for further analysis in the System Reporter™ analysis software, in combination with data measured with System Reporter online.

The MVP can be ordered with optional modules for Balancing and Order analysis, and is available in an intrinsically safe (EX) version.

Main features:

  • Compact and light case
  • Single-hand operating (left or right)
  • Color screen
  • Icon-based intuitive user interface
  • Online help
  • Speediness
  • Integrated contactless laser-sighting rotation speed and temperature sensors, no connection of external accessory required.
  • Automatic identification process of the measurement point by contactless reading of electronic tags (eTag), preventing sensor positioning errors and reducing measurement time.

Download data sheet in the download area to the right for more information.

Additional information


  • Datasheet for OneproD MVP-2C