Water-jet vacuum pump

The water-jet pump is used for generating the vacuum required to pull the samples up into the viscometer tubes.

The pump is connected to an ordinary water tap, preferentially with at least 3 bar pressure.

  • Overall length: approx. 210 mm (R 3/4“ connector fitted)
  • Weight: approx. 33 g (R 3/4“ connector fitted)
  • High chemical resistance, fluid path consists of PP, FKM and PTFE.
  • Operating temperature up to max. 80 C°.


  • Integrated non-return valve increases safety.
  • Simple operation and easy to clean.
  • Detachable vacuum connection.
  • Very low water consumption: The flow configuration has been optimized, resulting in a 33% reduction of water consumption (190 liters/h at 3.5 bar water supply pressure).
  • Constant ultimate pressure: The ultimate pressure of 16 mbar (water temperature: 12 °C) is reached across a wide range of water supply pressures (from 3 to 6 bar).
  • High suction capacity: Flow rate of approx. 400 litres/h of air (against atmospheric pressure, at a water supply pressure of 3.5 bar at 12 °C water temperature).


  • Water connection sleeve nut R 3/4“, reducing adapter R 1/2“, and tubing connector (hose nozzle) of 10-12 mm outer-Ø.

  • Order #: LV0022