System Reporter™

Machine breakdowns cost industry a lot of money every year and unplanned breakdowns are often directly visible in the profitability records of the company. In many cases the large costs are due to the lack of production during the time it takes to repair the machine.

System Reporter™ is a condition monitoring system measuring vibrations in all kinds of revolving machinery. This includes low-speed applications such as hydroelectric power plants, high-speed applications such as gas turbines and complex industrial production lines such as paper machines.The system is not limited to measuring vibrations; it is also capable of monitoring temperatures, pressures, levels, etc.

System Reporter™ include the implementation of an expert system into the analysis software. This simplifies the interpretation of alarms and pinpoints the machine part that causes the error.

We delivered the first system in 1988, and have now recently launched a new range of systems: BASIC, PRIME and MULTI. These system offer a complete range of online condition monitoring, from primary protection in simple applications to complete solutions with hundreds of transducers for e.g. paper machines.


  • Hydroelectric power plant: Bearing failure