Viscomat Accessories

Apart from supplying the Viscomat II, we offer a range of surrounding equipment at competitive prices.

Additional information and new items for the sample prep, resulting in a complete range of equipment for viscosity analysis, will be added gradually. Please contact Lagge for more information.

Note: When ordering surrounding equipment s.a. balance and water bath together with the Viscomat II, we deliver a completely tested solution, reducing the requirements for the installation.

Sample bottles: 50 ml LDPE sample bottle. The bottles are soft enough to allow easy compression by hand in order to evacuate excess air and are supplied with two different lids (see image).

  • Order #: LV0026

Calibration tube: 2 ml glass calibration tube with 0.58 mm capillary ID for external calibration according to ISO 5351 / SCAN-CM 15.

  • Order #: LV0003

Vacuum safety bottle: Placed between the Viscomat and the vacuum pump in order to avoid getting CED into the vacuum pump/waste. More info coming soon.