Spare parts

Spare parts for Viscomat II and Viscomat 32020.

The Viscomat is a highly robust and reliable instrument which seldom stops working. There are still systems from the middle of the 80’s in use in the industry. Even so, some parts of the system might need replacement due to wear or accidents.

Note: The electronics for Viscomat 32020 are no longer available as spare parts, since some of the electrical components no longer can be obtained.

Viscometer tube: Hand made glass Viscometer tube with 3 platinum electrodes, which can be used with both Viscomat II and 32020. When ordering a Viscometer tube for use with the Viscomat II, the electrode wires are fitted with a contact for quick replacement of the tube.

  • Order #: LV0004

Vacuum valve: Svagelok stainless steel 1-piece 40G Series vented ball valve, including standard handle. Used for both Viscomat II and 32020.

  • Order #: LV0002

Interna water pumpViscomat II Water pump: Internal 12 V water pump for Viscomat II.

  • Order #: LV0019

Viscomat II Power supply: 230 V AC → 12 V DC power supply for Viscomat II.

  • Order #: LV0008